• Q: How do I retire from PfISD and TRS?
    1. Contact the Teacher Retirement System and request a retirement packet. Some forms you will complete and other forms the Payroll department will complete for you. Forward the TRS 7 form to the payroll supervisor’s attention. Include your name, social security number and retirement date.

    2. Submit a resignation letter to your Supervisor.

    3. Begin the exit process through the online Employee Management System. Your supervisor will complete your exit process through the same system and forward your resignation letter to the Human Resources department.

    4. If you retire before the end of your service calendar, a final check may process the month following your resignation date. (Example: you retire on April 25; your final check will be May).

    5. If you are retiring at the end of your service calendar:
    • 207-day calendars and under: employee’s final check is July; benefits will end July 31st. 
    • 217-day calendars and above: employee’s final check is June; benefits will end June 30th. 
    • Bi-Weekly payroll schedule: employee’s final check is June; benefits will end June 30th. 
    Q: I am a former employee and moved since leaving PfISD. How will I receive my IRS Tax Form W-2?

    A: Complete a Change of Information form and submit to the Human Resources department. Updating your address before the end of December ensures your W-2 form will arrive to the correct destination and on time.
    Q: I will not be returning as a teacher for the next school year. When will I receive my final pay?

    A: Teachers who complete their 187-day service calendar, and resign on the last day of instruction, will receive their last pay in July. Benefits will end July 31st.

    Q: Where can I receive copies of my earnings statements, W’2’s, and other payroll related information?

    All payroll related information can be retrieved through the Employee Access system. Log onto the system using your employee number as your user I.D. If you have never logged into Employee Access, visit the Employee Access Log On Instructions.

    Q: What should I do if I forget my log on and/or password to get into Employee Access?

    A: Instructions on how to reset, change, or retrieve your log on information is available through the Staff tab on the PfISD website. Should you get locked out of employee access system, contact payroll@pfisd.net to reset your account.
    Q: When will I receive my IRS Form W-2?

    A: W-2 forms are available through Employee Access no later than January 31st. Click on the ‘Print’ button within the W-2 tab inside employee access. The print button feature provides a copy of your W-2 in the correct format for filing purposes.

    Q: How do I submit a payroll direct deposit request?

    Direct deposit requests can be submitted through the Employee Access system. If you are logging into Employee Access for the first time, visit the Employee Access Log On Instructions first. The direct deposit feature is within the menu options, under the Self-Serve>Payroll Maintenance link.  Instructions for electronic direct deposit requests are available.  Direct deposit requests completed by the 10th will go into effect on the next available payroll.  Documentation confirming bank information is required to complete your request.
    Q: May I split my direct deposit into two separate accounts?

    A: Yes. An exact amount to be deposited is required on the secondary account.

    Q: My years of service and salary do not match. How can I request an audit of my years’ experience?
    A: Service records, years of experience and pay steps are managed through our Human Resources Position Management team. You may contact HR.

    Q: What is my Employee Number?

    A: Employee numbers are given out during New Hire Orientation. If for any reason you did not take note of your employee number, there are a couple of options:
    • Open your Address Book within Outlook. Search for your name and your employee number is at the far column titled “Alias”; or
    • Contact Human Resources or Payroll and ask for your employee number.

    Q: My first pay will not be via direct deposit. How do I receive my first paycheck?

    A: Campus Staff: Paychecks will be delivered to each campus secretary on pay day. See your campus secretary for the check distribution process.
    Administration Staff: Paychecks will be delivered to each department on pay day. See your department assistant for the check distribution process.

    Q: When are my leave days available?

    A: Use of leave is available for the employee’s use after hire. If an employee leaves the district before the end of the work year, the cost of any unearned leave days already taken shall be deducted from the employee’s final paycheck. See the Leaves and Absences section of the Employee Handbook for detailed information on the types of leave and policies on leave usage.

    Q: Do I need to complete separate EFT Agreement Forms for Payroll Direct Deposit and Accounts Payable reimbursements?
    A: Yes. Completing the Payroll EFT only will not change your bank information for Accounts Payable, and vise-versa.
    Q: My on-line Supplemental Pay Request form is not calculating the hours correctly. What am I doing wrong?

    Always use the most up-to-date Supplemental Pay Request form available on the PfISD web site. If you continue to have calculation errors, try the following:
    • Use military time. The form will translate military time into standard time automatically.
    • Make sure there is one space between the standard time and “A.M.” or “P.M.”

    If the above options do not correct the calculation error, please contact your accounting representative or payroll for assistance.