• Parking Permits: All students who park in the PHS parking lot are required to have a parking permit. Permit applications can be picked up/turned in before and after school at the front office during the school year. Completed applications must include a parent signature, a $20.00 application fee, and a copy of the student’s driver’s license and vehicle registration. Students caught without a parking permit may be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense. Parking in the administration parking lot starting next year (2019-2020) will not be allowed and student vehicles will be ticketed. There will be no assigned parking spaces. Parking will be on a first come first serve basis.

    Juniors and Seniors: College Entrance Exams – SAT and ACT: Students applying to four year colleges nationwide will need to take and submit an SAT or ACT score for admission purposes. Both the SAT and ACT are accepted by colleges and universities nationwide. Students can view test dates, register for test, and send their scores by visiting www.collegeboard.org (SAT) and/or www.actstudent.org (ACT). College Applications open August 1st, and applications and other required documents (ex. SAT/ACT scores) should be submitted by October 31st. PHS CEEB Code: 445500. All sophomores will take the PSAT in the fall and all juniors will take the SAT in the spring.  


    Class Rank, GPA, and Transcript Requests: When applying for admission to college, it is generally the sixth-semester transcript (the transcript that includes spring-semester grades from the junior year) that the colleges consider for admission decisions.  Requests for official copies of transcripts are made in the Student Services Office and cost $2.00 for each transcript. ACT/SAT/PSAT scores are not included on the transcript. Generally, there is a 48-hour turnaround time for orders, except during the summer month.


    Senior Athletes – Read this!: Students who plan to participate in Division I / II inter-collegiate athletics during their freshman year in college must complete an NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse registration. Prospective student athletes should access the registration materials by visiting www.eligibilitycenter.org and click on NCAA College-Bound Student Athletes. There is a fee that accompanies this registration unless the student qualifies for free/reduced lunch. IMPORTANT!!! Be certain to make a hard copy of the signature page and give it to your registrar so that an official copy of your transcript can be sent (no charge) to the Clearinghouse.


    Selective Service: One of the most important responsibilities that a young man must fulfill as he enters adulthood is to register with Selective Service. Virtually every young man living in the U.S. must register with Selective Service when he turns 18. Men who fail to register become ineligible for important opportunities that can impact their entire lives, such as student loans, job training and government jobs. Most states also require men to be registered to renew their driver’s license. Federal law requires that males register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. You may register online at https://www.sss.gov/RegVer/wfRegistration.aspx by completing a form at the post office. 

    Dual Credit – ACC Classes: Dual/Concurrent Enrollment (High School/College credit at ACC): All high school students are eligible to take Dual Credit or Concurrent enrollment courses provided by ACC. PHS students are charged an Out-of- District tuition rate of $150 per course unless the course is taken on a PFISD campus or the student qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch. Dual/concurrent enrollment can potentially save families $1,000 or more in tuition and fees per course. Interested students must complete necessary steps for enrollment, please email christopher.haywood@pfisd.net for information. Mr. Haywood will keep summer hours and offer TSI testing Tues. – Thurs. from 9:30-12:30, with a $5 test charge; please email Mr. Haywood to schedule a testing date & time.