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    The district has created the Remote Learning website, complete with recommended learning resources for core contents in all grade levels. Student instruction will be supported in two ways in PfISD during school closure.

    1. Teachers will create lessons for students 2-4 days per week that can be done remotely. These lessons may include both online and offline opportunities. Teachers are dedicated to taking care to not over schedule our students and families. Teacher instructional materials will be shared with students and families using grade-level appropriate learning platforms (Email, Seesaw, Zoom or Google Classroom, etc). Teachers will communicate and coordinate classroom-specific delivery methods and the remote learning plan with parents and students.

    2. For students who do not have access to devices or the Internet, the District will provide alternative paper-based learning plans. These plans include activities students can complete on their own, with either teacher or family guidance. Paper-based learning plans will be available to download on the remote learning website and for pick-up at district meal locations. Paper-based learning plans will be available each Monday at meal pickup sites, and can be returned for grading and feedback at any meal pickup site the following week.

    The district will also provide a sample daily schedule and guidance on instructional time.

    Recommended daily instructional times:

    • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) & PreK: 30 - 45 minutes total

    • Kindergarten & 1st grade: 45 mins-1hr total

    • 2nd - 5th: 1½ -2 hrs total

    • 6th - 8th : 2 - 4 hrs total

    • 9th up : 4+ hrs but not to exceed 6 hours.

    This is for total daily instructional time not per subject.