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    Murchison Mustang Movers Physical Education
    Our mission is to equip learners with the knowledge, fitness, and skills that will empower them to make health and wellness a life-long priority.
    If it's sweaty and fun, you won!
    April 20, 2020
    Heeeeey Mustangs!
    Finally, we had some weather worth clapping about today. What was your first outdoor activity when the sun burst through the clouds? Did you play tag, walk your pet, dig around in the garden, sit outdoors and listen to the soothing sounds of nature, kick the ball around, or have a catch with your parent? Whatever it was, I'm proud you exercised your freedom of choice.
    Check out these choices from GoNoodle to break up your screen time during the week of April 20. Research says moderate-level physical activity improves your learning. So get up, get sweaty, get some water, stretch and then get back to work on those learning packets!
    Bear Breath I Can Do That My Racing Heart 
    Love Shack Little Green Froggy
    This week's featured #StangStrong@Home Movers challenge YOU to a spirited game of Hopscotch! Thanks to Ella and Lance for making sure EVERYONE is included.
    LE  le  le   
    O.K. Mustang Movers, we've got this if we'll keep the main things the main thing-
    1. Strong Family First
    2. Sweat for 60 minutes each day 
    3. Eat food, not too much, fresh is best
    4. Stick to a healthy routine
    Serve it forward,
    Mrs. Craft & Mr. Perez    
    April 13, 2020
    Hello, #StangStrong@Home Friends,
         Week 3? Are we there yet because it seems like forever since I've seen you! Thanks to you who have sent me #StangStrong@Home pictures via my email docia.craft@pfisd.net or to @MMM3PE Twitter. Click here to help me finish a Neighborhood Fun Hunt, would ya?
         So, really...how are you doing? Have you made helpful daily routine upgrades? Personally, early morning sweating and garden evaluations get my day off to a happy start. Look for a video of the GO!GARDEN here on Thursday.
         It's not too late to join the Million Mile Month Murchison Families team. Congrats to Ryland K.'s family has joined the team and is in 3rd place for PfISD. Our very own Mrs. Eason is the high stepper.  The Bronze registration level is FREE. Go here to sign up your Murchison Family.  
         Click the icon below for some inside-moving, but you know the best place to sweat is outside and safely distanced from others.
    O.K. my Mustang Movers, we've got this if we'll keep the main things the main thing-
    1. Strong Family First
    2. Sweat for 60 minutes each day 
    3. Eat food, not too much, fresh is best
    4. Stick to a healthy routine
    Stay strong,
    Mrs. Craft
    April 6, 2020
    Oh well, oh well, oh well Friends,
        Tell me, are you ready for a #StangStrong@Home great week? I realize it has been an adjustment for learning your core subjects, and I hope you have practiced moving to learn every chance you have had. 
         Don't look now, but Baby Shark has joined the handwashing team. If you are tired of singing the A-B-Cs or Happy Birthday while scrubbing try this 
    baby shark
         Listen to this 3-minute lesson about the CoronaVirus-19 from NPR. When you get to the NPR page, be responsible and click-off the autoplay button.
         Did you check out the cool comic? Follow the instructions below the comic to download and fold it into a Zine book. I have to tell you...it took me two tries to get it right.
    Safely moving,
    Mrs. Craft
    Check out this version of a Scavenger Hunt
    March 25, 2020
    Dear Murchison Families,
         It was heartwarming to see your happy (and sweaty) faces out on the sidewalks of our neighborhoods last Monday. With the addition of today's Stay at Home-Work Safe Order, we will all do our parts and keep 6 feet away from one another. During my morning jog, I passed 10 people while maintaining our distance. It felt like a bond that made us a team. I like that!
         Now we are teaming up to tackle a new phase of our school year. I know your core teachers are on the ball with math, language arts, science, and social studies lessons. For this week, Mr. Perez and I encourage you to sweat 60 minutes every day Your Way. Push away from your technology for at least 10 to 15 minutes every hour. Go outside, push-up your sleeves, and chase the dog, kick a soccer ball, play some catch and get sweaty!
    #STANGSTRONG Healthy Habits Teamwork
         Think back to December when we put glow powder on the P.E. equipment. You juggled scarves or played Beanie Baby tag, and then you walked through the blacklight tunnel. Remember how most of you had streaks or globs or specks that glowed under the blacklight? That lesson made you aware of your hands and your T-zone, remember? Check out the video link below here, and share your knowledge with your families.
    This March, most of our students helped get the beds ready for Springtime planting. Kids learned to pull weeds-including their "boots", find and remove garden slugs, turn the soil, use garden tools safely, and share the space. Ms. Silva's class planted carrots. Ms. Rendon's and Ms. Dougherty's classes planted a variety of seeds in mini-greenhouses, and they'll be ready to transplant soon. 
     you are your child's most influential wellness teacher.  Thank you for establishing healthy habits like walking to school, drinking water rather than sugary drinks, sweating for 60 minutes daily, sleeping the right amount, brushing twice a day for 2 minutes, limiting screen time to less than 1 hour each day, playing with friends and family members, and talking about feelings and plans every day.
    Working together has made MES one of the Healthiest Schools in the Austin area for the third year in a row!  Our GO!Garden, Bike Stops, and soon to be here lap counting system have benefitted from our partnership with ATX Mayor's Health and Fitness Council.  
    Thanks y'all!
    healthiest school  
    Keep up the important Home Work, friends.
     What's in a game?
    Physical education classes at MES are designed to develop your student's balance, body control, movement skills, knowledge base and preference for healthy habits. We follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards for Physical and Health Education plus the Coordinated Approach to Child Health program.  
    Come in anytime with your athletic shoes tied and have some fun with your child and 70 plus of his/her closest friends! Mr. Perez and I will appreciate your steps.
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