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UIL tournaments

Feb. 20, 2020 

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 academic champions are Highland Park, Park Crest, Parmer Lane and Pflugerville Middle School!
Highland Park captured first place overall in the Pflugerville ISD Elementary UIL A+ Academic District Tournament on Feb. 1 at Pflugerville High School. They were joined by Parmer Lane, which took home the top prize in the Elementary Dual Language Enrichment Academic Meet, also held the same day at PHS.
Meanwhile, Park Crest and Pflugerville Middle were named grade level champions at the UIL middle school district tournament Saturday at Pflugerville Middle School. Park Crest was first in 6th grade competition, and Pflugerville Middle was tops in the 7th/8th Grade category.
Twenty PfISD elementary campuses participated in the UIL A+ tournament on Feb. 1. The district’s 11 dual language campuses took part in the dual language event. Both events support grades 2-5.
A total of 493 competitors registered for the A+ Academic tournament, while 146 participants registered for the dual language meet.
UIL tournament events were Chess, Creative Writing, Number Sense, Oral Reading, Ready Writing, Social Studies, Spelling and Storytelling. 
Dual Language Enrichment meet categories were Creative Writing, Oral Reading, Ready Writing, Spelling and Storytelling.
The district’s six middle schools took part in the district tournament Saturday. Tournament events included Chess Puzzle, Editorial Writing, Math, Oral Reading, Ready Writing, Science, Social Studies and Spelling. 
The district also hosted its 12th annual Geography Showcase on Feb. 1 at Pflugerville High School. Seventh-grade student Adam Duong of Park Crest Middle School captured first place overall at the event.
Eighth-grade student Taylor Hayes of Kelly Lane Middle School and fourth-grader Evan Dossett of Windermere Elementary School finished second and third overall, respectively.
The Geography Showcase celebrates geography education in grades 4-8. The contestants, all campus winners of the National Geographic Bee competition, answer questions about local, state, national and world geography. 
Campus winners also took a qualifying test in hopes of participating in the state contest on March 27. Winners at the state level advance to the National Geographic Bee in Washington, D.C. in May.   
PfISD Elementary UIL A+ Academic District Tournament individual winners:

  • Chess (2nd Grade): Ittai Paul (Rowe Lane)
  • Chess (3rd Grade): Yanis Saoa (Windermere)
  • Chess (4th Grade): Zaid Al-Jaber (Highland Park)
  • Chess (5th Grade): Ridwan Chowdhury (Highland Park)
  • Creative Writing: Elise Fish (Riojas)
  • Number Sense: Brian Ha (Wieland)
  • Oral Reading: Atzi Flores (Spring Hill)
  • Ready Writing (3rd and 4th Grades): Giselle Mejia (Mott)
  • Ready Writing (5th): Bently Krizin (Windermere)
  • Spelling (3rd and 4th): Kaila Sproul (Highland Park)
  • Spelling (5th): Kyle Franco (Highland Park)
  • Spelling (5th): Vinay Thangaraj (Pflugerville)
  • Storytelling: Hunter Guckian (Copperfield)
  • Social Studies: Elijah Duvvuri (Murchison) 

Elementary Dual Language Enrichment Academic Meet individual winners:

  • Creative Writing (2nd Grade): Julieta Robledo (River Oaks)
  • Oral Reading (4th and 5th Grades): Sheila Navarro (Highland Park)
  • Ready Writing (3rd and 4th Grades): Fernanda Girón (Highland Park)
  • Reading Writing (5th Grade): Ashley Palacios (Parmer Lane)
  • Spelling (3rd and 4th): David Morales (Barron)
  • Spelling (5th): Alisson Sanchez (Highland Park)
  • Storytelling (1st Grade): Maylin Ordaz (Copperfield)
  • Storytelling (2nd and 3rd): Lukas Rodriguez (Copperfield) 

UIL middle school district tournament individual winners:

  • Calculator Applications (6th): Jeremiah Beyene (Westview)
  • Calculator Applications (7th and 8th): Lincoln Nguyen (Westview)
  • Chess Puzzle (6th): Truman Jamusch (Park Crest)
  • Chess Puzzle (7th and 8th): Rueben Paul (Kelly Lane)
  • Editorial Writing (6th): Julia Alvarado (Kelly Lane)
  • Editorial Writing (7th and 8th): Han Nguyen (Cele)
  • Impromptu Speaking (6th): Evelyn Brown (Cele)
  • Impromptu Speaking (7th and 8th): Aurawyn Brunner (Kelly Lane)
  • Listening (6th Grade): Gretchen Welte (Cele)
  • Listening (7th and 8th): Elizabeth Ziegler (Park Crest)
  • Modern Oratory (6th Grade): Neha Gandra (Kelly Lane)
  • Modern Oratory (7th and 8th Grades): Aurawyn Brunner (Kelly Lane)
  • Maps, Graphs and Charts (6th Grade): Isaac Bendixon (Kelly Lane)
  • Maps, Graphs and Charts (7th and 8th): Danny Tran (Park Crest)
  • Math (6th): Truman Jamusch (Park Crest)
  • Math (7th and 8th): William Brooks (PMS)
  • Number Sense (6th): Isaac Bendixon (Kelly Lane)
  • Number Sense (7th and 8th): William Brooks (PMS)
  • Oral Reading (6th Grade): Hirvir Kaur (Cele)
  • Oral Reading (7th and 8th Grades): Ruby Leon (PMS)
  • Ready Writing (6th Grade): Neha Gandra (Kelly Lane)
  • Ready Writing (7th and 8th Grades): Nicholas Myrick (PMS)
  • Science I: Cadell Tan (PMS)
  • Science II: Rueben Paul (Kelly Lane)
  • Social Studies (6th): Truman Jamusch (Park Crest)
  • Social Studies (7th and 8th): Samuel-Karim Benhamou (PMS)
  • Spelling (6th): Rilo Baker (PMS)
  • Spelling (7th and 8th): Brooke Abel (Cele)