Librarian captures multiple grants for STEM learning

June 18, 2020 

Lisa Bracken-Squires For Parmer Lane Elementary librarian Lisa Bracken-Squires, the 2019-20 school year was most definitely a positive one.
Bracken-Squires has been on a mission to create an all-inclusive STEM/STEAM program for all grades at Parmer Lane. She’s also been on a roll, landing multiple grants to support the program.
Bracken-Squires on June 8 was named one of only four WeTeach_CS Mini-Grant Award winners statewide. On May 27 she was presented with a $5,000 Pflugerville Education Foundation Innovative Teaching Grant to purchase an interactive computer monitor.
Earlier, she was also named a winner of a Pflugerville Education Foundation mini-grant and was awarded a Donors Choose grant to be used toward her endeavor.
“This [STEM/STEAM] project, if funded, will help our school obtain age-appropriate coding activities for our youngest students to engage in computational thinking, and build our K-5 STEM program,” she said. “This has been quite a year!”
STEM represents science, technology, engineering and math, with “STEAM” including all of the above, plus the arts.
The funds Bracken-Squires has recently targeted will pay for KIBO programmable robot kits for students ages 4-7. That and other robots and programmable learning tools will be added to Parmer Lane’s collection of STEM materials that Bracken-Squires previously secured.
Recently, Frost Bank also contributed toward the purchase of STEM products, and while attending a conference she secured a donated charging station for the library’s 38 iPads.
“I have a vision for STEM learning, and I am working to make that vision a reality,” she said.

Below is a list of grants and donations totaling nearly $10,000 that was recently acquired by Parmer Lane Elementary librarian Lisa Bracken-Squires, for use on STEM/STEAM learning:

  • 2020 WeTeach_CS Mini-Grant Award for KIBO programmable robot kits
  • Donors Choose grant for Cubelets programmable blocks
  • Pflugerville Education Foundation Innovative Teaching Grant for an interactive computer monitor
  • Pflugerville Education Foundation mini-grant for Cubelets and a KIBO robot
  • Frost Bank contribution for STEM products
  • Lock-n-Charge donated charging station for campus iPads