PHS Weekly Newsletter 5/18

Posted by David Wiechmann on 5/18/2020

Greetings Panthers.

I hope all the mothers had an amazing Mother's Day weekend!

It was great seeing all the students and parents at locker pick up and textbook drop off. Some AP students expressed concern about keeping their AP books through June 5th. Textbooks are available online, but if students would like to keep their AP books through June 5th, feel free to do so. Continue reading this newsletter for details about how to return AP books after June 5th. If you were unable to drop off other textbooks and/or library books, follow the same drop off procedures provided in this newsletter for book return.

Also, we are in the final stretch of the 2019-2020 school year. The grading guidelines were recently updated to reflect the following change, " An “I” will be calculated as a 69.4%." Please help us to ensure our students finish strong by monitoring student grades in Skyward.

PHS Weekly Newsletter

Ameka Hunt
Pflugerville High School