DMS Student Named Finalist in Writing Contest

Dessau Student Named Finalist in Writing Contest


More than 135 middle school students in Pflugerville ISD submitted creative stories, poems or essays for the recent SouthWest Water Company writing contest.  Among the submissions were several students from Dessau Middle School. One of those students , Ms. Teegan Pegues, was named one of only five finalists from the entire district.  

On behalf of everyone here at DMS, we congratulate you Teegan in all your efforts.  

Thank you to all the students who entered and to the teachers who scored the contest.
 (You can find Teegan's writing submission below.)

The Meaning of Water 

Water flows smoothly down the creek, its echo reverberates

all around the orange-lit twilight,

lingering in the ear

as caramel would

on your tongue.


 A torrent of rain crashes into a cement building and

lathers the sides with sheets of rain

as sharp as daggers

as smooth as coffee


Boiling water snaps out of

a spring and scalds the land

around it

creating a mudslide

of soil and



Water drips down through the crinkled

tin ceiling  

falling in the old rusty pail that

just waits to be used.


the sound of rushing water

in the miniscule bathtub

is the final sound

to the resting duck

as it squeaks its rubber

life away.


The sound of water can be

Cool to the touch


Fiery to the core but

The most important type of water

Is the one that fills us all

with life


Teegan Pegues

Dessa Middle School

6th Grade