2019-20 Off-Campus Lunch Policy

2019-2020 Off-Campus Lunch Policy

  • Available to Seniors Only.
  • The WHS lunch hour is tied to Power Hour, therefore off-campus lunch will not be permitted on days we do not have Power Hour.
  • Students must exit/enter through the student parking lot doors at the Senior table only.
  • Students must leave their actual student ID at the Senior table and it must display a current, off-campus sticker.  (students with temporary IDs will not be permitted to leave campus)
  • Students must be clear of make-up hours and be in good standing academically (based on UIL grade checks) to earn an off-campus sticker for their student ID. (stickers will change every 3 weeks and can be obtained through the Class of 2020 office)
  • Seniors who violate any rules or take students who are not eligible with them off-campus may have their off-campus privileges revoked.
  • Seniors who violate the student code of conduct may have their off-campus privileges revoked.  

The WHS Off-Campus Lunch Policy is a privilege and may be revoked at any time.